Friday, July 29, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Coming Up In Season 8

In this new article from TV Guide, Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes about what to expect in season 8 which could be the final season for some of the original cast members and Cristina's pregnancy (spoiler alert):

If last season was about growing up, what is this season about? 
Shonda Rhimes: This is our last year as residents for Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Jackson and April. It feels like it's a new beginning for everybody in a lot of ways.

How is writing this season different knowing that it is likely the last for a lot of the main castmembers? [The contracts of Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Chandra Wilson, among others, are up after this season.]
Rhimes: I don't know about the word "likely" possibly the last. I usually start planning my seasons [by planning the last scene first]. This year, we just don't know. I just don't know what we'll be doing at the end of the year, so we couldn't start out that way. We're doing it a little bit differently this year. I pitched eight different scenarios for the end of this season, but we don't know which ones we're writing to. So right now, we're concentrating on the first half, then we're going to concentrate on the second half as a separate shock.

Among those eight scenarios, is there a possibility this could be the end of Grey's?
Rhimes: I don't speak for the network and I don't decide when the show ends, but I can't imagine that that's going to be true.
Cristina's new pregnancy harkens back to when she got pregnant in Season 1 by Dr. Burke. What will she go through this time around?
Rhimes: I think it does harken back to that. What we liked about that, and what I felt really strongly about that, is that Cristina (Sandra Oh) has always had a certain stance in how she feels about having kids and that stance doesn't change just because she's married and in love with Owen (Kevin McKidd). I think that there's something interesting when someone absolutely doesn't want children. I find it an interesting character. People get vilified for that in our society and I think it's really unfair because I feel like if someone doesn't want a kid, they shouldn't have to have one.

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