Monday, July 25, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: 8.01 "Free Falling" - Tidbit

TV Guide's William Keck tweeted this tidbit about what's coming up in the Grey's Anatomy season premiere:

#GreysAnatomy 2 hour premiere will revolve around a giant sinkhole that opens up in Seattle streets. Shonda Rhimes says it's symbolic.  - Source

UPDATE:  As for Cristina's unplanned pregnancy, we'll know by the end of the September 22 season premiere whether or not she keeps the baby. - Source


Anonymous said...

I'll never stop caring about Cristina, but I won't be watching this show anymore if Cristina is left without a baby and without a marriage. There is only so much Cristina loses all in her personal life and is left with Meredith Grey and her scalpel that a Cristina fan can take. Sorry, I've watched this show for seven seasons only for this character and not to see how she'll live ROBOTICALLY ever after with her scalpel while listening and/or watching Meredith Grey's personal life from the sidelines. Sandra and I are on the same page if she means why in the hell even write a pregnancy for this character at this stage if they are not going to see it through and I don't mean through so that it leaves her with only one relationship in her life that being with Meredith Grey (eye roll). Yeah, I agree that's writing just for drama sake and it's evil since the first time they knocked her up I wanted to see what that baby would look like and how she'd deal with motherhood or not deal with it and you mean to tell me they are taking me down this road again all so there won't be a baby at the end of the tunnel once again!

Anonymous said...

i love grey anatomy

Anonymous said...

i hope yhe writers will think not only twice but a thousand times before they let the character of cristina just abort the baby. shonda said that this coming season will show the original cast being mature in their handling of complicated situations so i leave the challenge to shonda on how is she gonna present yang as a woman making decisions like an adult!

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