Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Last Minute Season Finale Scoop

If you haven't had enough of Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers yet, here some more about Cristina/Meredith and Cristina/Owen from TV Guide:

Afraid that Meredith would edge him out in the race for Chief Resident, a drunken Alex revealed her misdeed to Owen. "Alex is going to have to deal with the fallout of making the choice to rat her out," Drew says. "He walks into the decision hoping to accomplish one thing and ends up accomplishing something completely different, which creates a huge storm of drama between him and Meredith.

"Cristina also finds out, so there is also drama between Cristina and Meredith," Drew adds, noting that most of the hospital will be unaware of Meredith's indiscretion. Unfortunately, Derek, who only officially married Meredith recently, does find out and isn't pleased at all. "All these relationships that we thought were so strong, we're going to see them all crack and crumble."

Cristina has more to contend with than a friend who betrayed her trust though. "You discover she's pregnant," Drew says. "It's going to create a huge amount of drama between Cristina and Owen. It became clear a few episodes ago that he was really excited to have children and she was like, 'Are you kidding? Do you know me? No, never.' That is going to present a huge issue in their relationship and marriage."


caseyscooby1985 said...

I had a feeling that Meredith would be the source of where the drama for the show means. Which stands in the way of knowing that everyone will not be happy that day.

I am still keeping the faith that Owen and Cristina will at least talk together about coming to a decision about the baby that is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Its weird picturing Cristina pregnant, I cant picture her having a child nor getting an abortion. I wonder what she is going to do, and what happens.I ultimately think that her and Owen will take a break from each other.

Anonymous said...

Since shonda is aiming for the characters to be maturing in the next season,i think the character of yang will mature as well because being pregnant will mean that there are a lot of things that she needs to consider before herself and that is being mature.

Emma said...

Your choice of Hopper's painting for this occasion really puzzles me. It's the wonderful Early Sunday Morning, not really something I would immediately associate with Owen and Cristina, or even with Grey's in general. On the one hand, looking at it, I though there's nobody around and that city street looks rather desolate, on the other hand it's early morning and the sun is shining with the promise of a lovely day. All news we get over the finale are pointing towards unpleasant developments for more or less everybody, so I have some difficulties here in finding any... sunbeams. I give up!... but I'd love to know...

Admin said...

Hey Emma :)

Actually used it because of lack of association not to spoil. All these things are supposed to happen the finale so the pic illustrates the opposite - it's all still and calm with nothing going on.

The explanation doesn't get more exciting than that ;).

Emma said...

Hi, Admin! Some sort of ... calm before the storm then. And storm we did get, didn't we?!

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