Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cristina And Owen Will Receive News

Read more about the Cristina/Owen season finale spoiler below:

Question: Do you know anything about the Grey’s Anatomy‘s finale or do you still have no idea? —Sami

Ausiello: Cristina and Owen are going to find themselves at a crossroads when Cristina receives “some disturbing news” in the May 19 season-ender, teases series creator Shonda Rhimes. “And how she and Owen handle that news will speak volumes about the future of their relationship.”


What do you think it is? Speculate in the comments below.


Liusa said...

My gut feeling that Cristina is going to find out she is pregnant in the SF has just grown. She is so pregnant. It will be intresting to see how she deals with it. I just hope Cristina/Owen deal with it together.

Anonymous said...

my guess is that cristina finds out about meredith's dishonesty during the alzheimers trial and she takes meredith's side while owen opposes. meredith is still cristina's number one person and i see her backing up meredith or even helping her fix the problem while owen will disapprove.

Emma said...

I'm more enjoying your selection of pictures right now than Grey's. This one is amazing: the two people in them even look like Cristina and Owen! And I'm sure Hopper wasn't a fan ;-)

ange said...

Well there has been hints about baby talk between hunt and cristina. Hunt is for it, and cristina as we know, adamantly refuses it. As we know, it took awhile for Cristina to get her groove back into work, and now if she's pregnant it will make her confused in what she wants to do again.

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