Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yang And Hunt: Analyze This

Kevin McKidd has some Cristina/Owen scoop for you about what's coming up for them for the remainder of the season and it's all very cryptic:

We just talked to fan-fave Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd about Owen and Cristina's (Sandra Oh) path for the rest of the season, and there's an unexpected and serious obstacle in the way, and it's not the baby dramz you're expecting.

"[The baby issue] gets put on the backburner," says McKidd. "I think it's something they both realize is a hot-potato subject for each other. They really do love each other, so I think they want to enjoy their honeymoon period, as it were, for as long as they can." But that procreation détente isn't enough to keep perfect peace in the kingdom.

"There's an added complication to the mix between Owen and Cristina that comes from left field in the latter part of the season as well, that isn't connected to babies," McKidd tells us. "A work-related issue comes up that adds tension again to their otherwise happy existence. There something else that comes along to that's a problem to them."

Hmmm… Could Owen and Cristina be in competition somehow, or might this work-related tension be related to the race for chief resident?
McKidd tells us, "There is the element of competition there—she's not in direct competition with Owen, but Owen suddenly finds himself in the line of fire. I'll put it that way. But again that was unexpected I think. So not directly in competition with him but he's very much certainly in the line of fire." Mmmm...



PieralĂ­ said...

I think he will have to come back Irak!!!...It's gonna be sad and painful, I guess

Anonymous said...

Ah, this means the season ends early for this viewer, this storyline is nothing to look forward to. If it's not family related then I'm not interested. I'm tired of the work realated issues for Cristina enough already, it's the same old story ALL OF THE TIME.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with Anonymous, I'm pretty sure we reached the height of the work vs. love storyline with the whole trading thing in season 6. Why have the characters marry if they're not going to bother to explore issues regarding their relationship and their married life?

Emma said...

I must admit it made me think of season 6 too, and I'm not really looking forward to more of that either. Up to now though, Shonda&Co have often managed to surprise us with their creativity, so let's hope it's going to be something work related but DIFFERENT! I'm glad they're taking a break on the whole baby discussion though, I didn't like the way it was written at all. Making Owen appear so condescending towards Cristina and her views on the matter, made me like him a little bit less.

Anonymous said...

The baby issue was written pretty badly, so I'm giving Owen the benefit of the doubt on that one since we didn't see an actual baby discussion at any point...but I'm hoping that whatever the work issue is it somehow sheds some light on their life as a married couple and on what they want in the future. I would love to see more domestic scenes between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Shonda with Cristina'a personal life at all. She is only invested in Cristina the surgeon IMO. She'll keep her more mature and in tune with her patients but she'll remove her relationship with Owen or anyone else except Meredith. She treats her as an appendage to Meredith, where Meredith's road constantly leads back to Derek and a life with him but Cristina her life constantly leads back to only a scalpel and listening to Grey's drama with Derek.

At this point I am sick to death of the Cristina and career issues complicating the personal life angle, it's been overdone. You want to talk about a storyline angle that has been overdone for any one character? Well this one is it, for this character. At this point, it's more overdone than Meredith's mommy and daddy issues (eye roll).

Anonymous said...

I can list a number of other angles that would not end this season early for me, but again, I'm invested in the whole Cristina, not just the one with the scalpel and job issues.

Seriously, how about:

How about Cristina and Owen need to tend to Owen's aging sick mother, that would definitely test Cristina and test a marriage. It would test any marriage to have to deal with a dependent parent. Why must the test be work related or even hint at pitting C/O together because of the job? Why? Because Shonda only sees work=Cristina and it's such a limited view that has held the characte that I love back and keeps regressing her once you think she's made some progress. Family issues and dilemmas don't only include having babies or having trouble conceiving or one party not wanting kids....There are other issues that come up, like what I 've described above. Not to mention Shonda tweeted much earlier in the season to O/C fans that we would would be seeing more of the actress who played Owen's mother and that she would have more to say, since the fans were tweeting and asking about her.

Again, the woman talks out of both sides of her mouth and obviously could not care that she lies to fans.

She never made good use of the actress who played Cristina's mother so that actress has not been available as she took a gig in China I believe and isn't or wasn't even in the country which is why her character could not attend the wedding.

There is just no work related story that could be told other than Burke returning to cause trouble at work and at home that would interest me and at this point, I'm not interested in that story either, that ship has sailed. Time to move forward except when I read storylines like this for the season ending, it just seems like I'm going backward.

There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, intersting in Cristina and Owen competing against each other, or standing in each others way at work not even if it's written with a touch of humor. Or, Cristina stabbing him in the back to get ahead or vice versa, it's Burke and Cristina and tremorgate all over again, which would not surprise me if they try to make this next storyline come off that way. Shonda has not vision other than one when it comes to Cristina and it does not match mine so it won't surprise me at all.

I want family issues at the center for this character for a while not lets get back to the same old work issues and my personal life is getting in the way.

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