Friday, March 18, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Season 7 Finale Teaser

Grey's boss, Shonda Rhimes, gives a little teaser about what's coming up in the season finale:

Those anticipating another massive-disaster finale can stop waiting. Creator Shonda Rhimes is taking it lower key this season (so the docs can leave their bullet-proof vests at home). That’s not to say viewers won’t walk away completely shocked, though. “I expect to hear a lot this summer that I broke all my promises to my fans, but we’re talking about growth in tremendous ways for our characters,” she hints.


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Anonymous said...

No, we are talking about you can't find anything else to write and you still want to pimp KR/Teddy along with the powers that be so you'll be bringing back the triangle from hell, because you were, nor have you ever been invested in Cristina's personal life to begin with. You only want the robotic surgeon who holds a scalpel and watches Meredith Grey grow up and is there to listen to Meredith's issues.
Whatever, I'll check the boards to see if I should bother wactching because this show is long past being too disappointing, too much of a let down for this Cristina fan to continue watching it live.

Shonda cares nothing about this character's growth for the long haul, sorry, she doesn't. Lexie will get more long term growth before Cristina sees any. Am I, a viewer and lover of this character for 7 seasons, to believe that Shonda, THIS TIME AROUND, is aiming for growth? Seriously? Her pattern of writing major life changing events for this character and then just returning the character to the same one note whining about fear of losing her career has now surpassed her old habit of having Meredith whine about Thatcher and Ellis (eye roll). Yet I'm to hold and watch live for Cristina's major growth, this time around?

Yeah, OK.

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