Monday, March 21, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Coming Up In The Season Finale

TV Line has some scoop on the Grey's finale and a little bit about Cristina and Owen:

Kevin McKidd says that Grey’s Anatomy’s upcoming season-ender won’t be nearly as grim as last May’s blood-soaked finale.

“There’s not going to be some massive event, like a shooting,” he tells TVLine, “but there’s definitely going to be a lot of things that come to light that are going to change a lot of perceptions and pose a lot of very difficult questions for people. It’s going to leave big question marks, [because] quite serious kind of things happen in the last couple of episodes that are left unresolved.”

Might Owen and Christina be among those left in flux, since they’ve been at odds about when to start a family? Per McKidd, Owen needs Christina “to realize that maybe there’s more to life than just work. And that is going to play out in a very interesting way towards the end of the season.”


Anonymous said...

There's nothing interesting KMK in watcihng a character after seven years, still in the same frame of mind she was when this show first started. This once again is the same storyline or angle for this character. It's repetitive and stupid because if having a gun held to your head does not allow you to see that you might want to take some time to "smell the roses" so to speak, then what will?
Please, give me a break. There's nothing interesting about any of this. I guess the fishing trip really didn't work. What was the point of that PTSD storyline?

Was it so that she could show some connection to that elderly patient, when she connected with that old woman and convinced her to get surgery? Again, no matter how robotic Cristina has seemed through the years, or how the writers seem to see her, cause I've never bought that act at all, she shared a number of moments where she connected with patients, so again, just repetitive.

But I appreciate all these so called hints and spoilers about what's to come or rather for this viewer what's NOT to come, so I can make sure television is not tuned into Greys for the rest of the season. This show gives so little if anything to ever look forward to in 20+ episodes a season.

Anonymous said...

your just a hater, the 20+ episodes are a great thing, I understand you don't like christina's role much but there is more going on in the show other than Yang being a robot.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous No.2

C'mon, you don't even really understand the first comment, and you just called him/her a hater?! Over-sensitive much?

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