Friday, January 7, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: 7.12 'Start Me Up' - Sneak Peeks

New sneak peeks for next week's episode:


The doctors meet the new first year med students and find out that one of them will become Chief Resident sooner than they think.


caseyscooby1985 said...

For right now, I can't see Cristina being Chief Resident right now. But, I believe that she would still give them a ran for their money.

Emma said...

I think Cristina would hate being Chief Resident in the end, like Derek hated being Chief of Surgery. It's just her competitive self which makes her want the job. I wouldn't be surprised if Richard decided to give it to her though, as a reward for saving Derek in impossible circumstances, and for finally finding the courage to practice medicine again.

caseyscooby1985 said...

I think that maybe in a way, it would be nice for the Chief to offer her the position, but I think that she has got alot on her plate right now and growing in medical wise and marriage wise. I think that maybe she will be Chief Resident sometime in Season 8.

Emma said...

@caseyscooby1985, She has indeed a lot going on right now, but after 7x12 I've got the feeling that she's finding a good balance between her marriage and her career. As I'm sure her career will benefit from her stable, loving relationship with Owen.

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