Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coming Up For Cristina And Owen This Season

Sandra's co-star Kevin McKidd is directing the upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy which airs on Feb. 3 and here is new interview with Kevin who talks about what Cristina is up to in the episode and what is coming up for Cristina and Owen during the rest of the season:

TV Guide Magazine: What about Cristina? It must have been interesting directing your on-screen wife.
McKidd: Cristina is back to her old self. She and Jackson are vying for Teddy's attention for a triple bypass. This was my first time on the big stage directing and Sandra [Oh, Cristina] and everyone were so supportive and had my back. I felt really blessed. It was a huge joy!

TV Guide Magazine: What about your character? Where's Owen?
McKidd: Owen's sort of just referred to. I thought it was quite amusing that they have him going off to the dentist that day. Cristina manages to use this in her battle with Jackson in a very funny way.
TV Guide Magazine: Lastly, what's to come for Owen and Cristina as the season continues?
McKidd: They've been in a really good place ever since rushing in to this marriage, but something comes to light in this latter half of the season regarding a life situation going on with lots of people in the hospital. Cristina and Owen realize they have very opposing opinions on this life decision.

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like they're also going to be discussing baby making?
McKidd: It's going to become a real problem for them. Kind of choppy. They both want different things. This will play out for the rest of the season and I'm told it will build toward something very interesting.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, if they've already survived both of their battles with post-traumatic stress disorder — including Owen strangling Cristina in bed — I would think the topic of babies should be a breeze.

McKidd: (Laughs) You never know....



caseyscooby1985 said...

I had a feeling that there would be some baby talk between them. But, I hope that the "building toward something very interesting" will be that they are talking about it. All I hope for is that they will be together find out how to compromise like alot of married couples do.

Emma said...

Still laughing after reading the text on the retro picture!

@caseyscooby1985, the problem with the baby issue is that there aren't really compromises: it's baby or no baby. Shonda is really trying hard to find plausible ways to split them up. Where PTSD and the triangle didn't succeed, may be still achieved by the baby issue. Let's hope not.

Anonymous said...

@Emma I really don't think that is what SR is trying to do. If she really wanted that, she would have done it last season. She had many opportunities but she didn't. She kept them together. KMK said in an earlier interview that on the contrary they tried to keep them together. I may not trust Shonda, but I do believe in what Kevin says.
But they have to create some tension between them and we all know that KMK and SO do angst very well. It's a drama after all. And this could be really interesting to watch.

Emma said...

@Anonymous It will be definitely interesting to watch, I only hope it'll end up with a modern solution to parenthood in which the father gets more involved with bringing up the child in order to let the mother pursue her career. What I've always been afraid of, is that Shonda would make of Cristina the new Ellis Grey or Margaret Campbell, denying her the possibility of having both the brilliant career she deserves and a family. Now that she's married to Owen, we are so close to that decisive turning point that I'm literally holding my breath!

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