Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sandra Oh And Kevin McKidd Have Theatre Plans

Recently Kevin McKidd did a Q&A with his fans over at Kevin McKidd Online where they had a few questions about Sandra. For those of you who've been wanting to see Sandra and Kevin in a project outside of Grey's, there's hope. This is what he said:


Kevin was asked If Sandra enjoyed her visit to London

[Kevin] - she did love London - we hung out and introduced her to my friends and stuff

members express that Sandra Oh was amazing

[Kevin] - she is - i concur!

Kevin was asked if he and Sandra will ever work on a project together outside of Grey’s

[Kevin] - i hope so - we keep talking about doing a play some time...

To read the entire chat, visit Kevin McKidd Online.

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Emma said...

If by that he means a play in London, I would definitely love it! After this interview with KMK and SO´s interview about their audition together for her role in Rabbit Hole, I do hope they will really explore ways outside Grey´s to work together.

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