Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Latest From Kristin's Spoiler Chat

@agusandy via Twitter: When will Cristina get her groove back in Grey's? PS: I love you.
I love you too! (Though Mom, I wish you'd stop coming up with other aliases on Twitter.) Cristina is on the road to recovery, but it won't be lickety-split (at least another month), so give it a little time.

Now, sighting alert: Sources tell me Sandra Oh is in Big Bear, Calif. (pretty little mountain/lake community outside of Los Angeles) right now shooting some scenes with Patrick Dempsey for an upcoming episode in which they will go fishing. Derek takes her up there to "get away from it all." So Type-A Cristina is certainly doing some grade-A relaxation/healing—or trying to. The fishing ep will air Dec. 2.

And that's the same episode in which Scott Foley will play a terminal patient, so it sounds like a must see. And must bring hanky.

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