Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sandra Oh Tells It Like It Is

We have found this great new-old interview with a very outspoken Sandra Oh where she talks about the different aspects of being an actress and the acting business in general.

The interview is from a TV show called The Actors hosted by Keith Morrison, from either 2001 or 2002 while Sandra was still working on Arliss. So check it out below, peeps!

Part 1: What made Sandra get into acting, the art of comedy, working on HBO.

Part 2: Being an actor in Canada vs the US, the race issue, Sandra's fantasy role.

Part3: On playing prostitues, getting old(er) in Hollywood and her future (which does not involve directing or producing).

Big cheers to silversand2005 on You Tube for sharing this.

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once again, thanks for posting! I'm silversand2005 on youtube :)

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