Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unbearable Loss

A few years ago Sandra Oh had her portrait painted by Sara Sniderhan who is an artist based in Toronto. Here are the results from that session and a few words from the artist herself:

By Sara Sniderhan

Unbearable Loss
oil and acrylic on panel
I had the odd fortune of having Sandra Oh come to my studio (in my then house under construction) to pose for this and one other painting. When I had this idea I wanted her to be the model- I didn't actually think it would happen....

By Sara Sniderhan

It was always my intention to do 2 paintngs of Sandra Oh to exhibit together in the Loch Gallery's Young Painters Show in July 2008. The first one, which is very dark and full of pain and anxiety, made it into that show (you can find an image of at the beginning of this blog). The one above I finished a few days ago.
I started it 4 different times, on different surfaces and with different materials. The painting became a drawing and morphed in many other ways as well. I am glad I held out- it became what I had hoped it would become. Sounds cheesy, but I think that the birth and life with my daughter made it possible for me to create something with this much light and space to breathe.



Sara Sniderhan said...

Wow- I check out your blog all time so you can imagine my surprise when I saw my drawing and painting of Sandra here this morning! Thanks for the post.

SHardy987 said...

Awesome paintings. I especially like the second one. Wow! Do you have a website?

Sara Sniderhan said...

Thanks! You can check out more of my work at

sohnews said...

No problem. :) Your art is impressive.

Glad you like the site. Found yours ages go, just forgot to post.

Bxters_lab said...

Those are such beautiful works of art. :)

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