Friday, July 23, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Back To Work

Sandra Oh's co-star Sara Ramirez was recently interviewed by SheWired where she talked about the cast of Grey's coming back to the set after the hiatus and gave a little tease about the season premiere:

Can you give us an inside scoop into the new season of Grey’s Anatomy and what fans can expect?

We just had our first read through yesterday for season seven! It was really exciting and total first day of school vibes. Everyone was really excited to see each other because we’d been off for a couple of months. We were all either refreshed or exhausted because if someone just came off of another job. We all caught up and it was just such good energy. We read the first two episodes, which are going to be really awesome! There is going to be a major surgery within the first episode, of course, and everyone is coming back from being “away."

Via Sara Ramirez Fans
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