Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, What Happens In The Grey's Anatomy Finale?

Read below if you want to know:

Question: All this vague “a crisis like no other” talk about the Grey’s Anatomy finale is killing me. And you don’t wanna be responsible for my death. Seattle Grace scoop, STAT. —Andy

Would it qualify as putting you on life support if I got series creator Shonda Rhimes to tell you a bit about the two-hour season-ender? Let’s find out.

“The theme of the first hour is sanctuary, which sort of uses the idea that the hospital is our characters’ safest place and our safest place as viewers,” she says. “[Then we use] the hour to slowly turn that on its head [so] that by the end, the hospital is definitely kind of the least safe place in the world.” Yikes!

“The second hour,” she continues, “is about choices, and we get to watch our characters make big ones. Lexie chooses between Mark and Alex. Owen chooses between Teddy and Cristina. Bailey faces the hardest medical choice that a doctor has to make. And the other choice that’s being made is Callie and Arizona, and whether or not they’re going to be together or not. It IS going to come down to the baby thing.” You still with us, Andy? Hello? Bueller? Someone call 911!

Question: Please tell me we will actually get to see a Meredith story line on Grey’s Anatomy by the end of the season. —Lulu
Ausiello: Meredith is going to have a lot going on in the finale. Trust me.



Me said...

I'm stunned at how Shonda Rhimes managed to destroy Owen and Cristina wih one single season.

Cassandra said...

Out of everything that I have read about the finale, I have been holding onto hope that somethings will be good. One thing, I hope that Owen chooses Christina, because they have manage to hold to their relationship through good and bad times through 5 and 6 seasons. I think that Lexie will choose Alex because she seem to be getting close.

dawn said...

The thing is why does Owen get to choose?

dawn said...

Shonda has the temerity to tweet that CO fans are so mean. I think we are allowed after having to watch more than 10 epi of "this is not your typical triangle crap which turns out to be exactly a typical triangle" despite CO fans and other non CO fans begged and begged for it to be ended already. But she didn't and wouldn't listen and continue to shove Teddy down our throats until the elevator scene last epi where I think most hard core CO fans just gave up. With due respect to Shonda, she has successfully managed to assassinate both CO characters during this 1 season. For what? For a character that 90% of the fans hate.
Yeah, I say CO fans have got a right to be mean.

gossiptrends said...

Hope Owen will choose Cristina ... I love to see her happy with him !

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