Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prayers For Cristina Yang

A new episode of Grey's Anatomy means another hilarious Grey's Anatomy recap by BHJ from MamaPop, this time in 40 bullet points:

7). Yang asks Owen if he loves her or Teddy and Owen pauses too long. Dear Owen. When a woman asks you if you love her and you're not sure, say "Yes" and figure it out later. Yang mutters that she's done. You can't pause, Owen. You didn't survive in Iraq by pausing, dumb ass.

9). Yang gets in an elevator with Gary Clark and I am shitting my pants. I got on my knees and launched into a repetitive "Don't kill Yang" mantra. Jenna said I better confess in this post to praying for Yang or she'd tell on me in the comments. I wasn't praying. I was willing Gary Clark not to kill Yang with the power of a repetitive mantra. It worked.

11). My daughter wants to know why I was screaming "Don't kill Yang" and I told her to get her ass back to bed. It's a lock down.

30). Owen discovers Gary Clark holding a gun to Yang's head, demanding her to let Shepherd die. But Yang has too much integrity. She can't stop operating. She'd rather die than let a man die on her operating table. If Gary Clark kills Yang, I will find him and snap his neck with my bare hands. Fiction and reality blur. I need a pill.

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