Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cristina Yang Is One Delicate Flower

Another hilarious Grey's Anatomy recap by Yang-lover BHJ has been posted over at MamaPop and here is an excerpt:

Then there was this lady who had a heart attack and her poor daughter had to hang with Yang, the last person you'd want your daughter with when you died. Or is she? As it turned out, Yang's Dad was killed in a car accident when she was little and she formed a sensitive connection with the little girl, assuring her that her Mom's death was not her fault. Then Yang fell to pieces in Owen's arms, crying, missing her Dad. This enraged me because Owen's so torn between Yang & Teddy and it's clear that Yang's a delicate flower who deserves so much better than that redheaded PTSD nutcase. FUCK YOU OWEN!

Sandra Oh is so good at falling apart and making me want to pick up her pieces and glue her together on a beach where we make out while the sun sets.

The entire recap is available here
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