Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cristina And Owen Season Finale Scoop

TV Guide has the Grey's Anatomy season finale scoop on Cristina and Owen:

Please tell me that Grey's Anatomy promo about Cristina and Owen breaking up is a fake-out. — Angel

ADAM: Sorry, Crowen fans, it's for real. But before you grab your torches and pitchforks, consider that the episode is two hours, which leaves plenty of time for Yang and Hunt to reconsider. After all, both Cristina and Owen will face off with the crazed gunman, and there's nothing like a life-threatening situation to clarify the decision-making process.


Cassandra said...

This is what I am hoping what will happen to Owen and Christina. I hope that maybe he will save her life by showing his love for her.

yanghuntforever said...

I agree Cassandra with 1 exception, maybe Cristina saves his life showing her love for him.

Emma said...

Or maybe Owen will be so afraid of losing Cristina in a life-threatening situation, that he realizes that he can't live with the thought of not being able to see her again. Meaning that he will know that he doesn't really have to choose because he did make his choice the moment he fell in love with her (he knew Teddy at the time too, but it didn't look like he missed her at all in season 5, did it?). Wouldn´t it be great if he finally realized that the whole situation with Teddy actually belongs to their shared experience in Iraq and that it's over? He is so important for Cristina that I'm even willing to forgive him his awful behaviour this whole season if he won't leave her heartbroken. I don't think she would ever recover from that.

sylvia said...

It's time to give Christina a handsome guy already, like Jackson. They're perfect match, both are charismatic, mean to work, amitious, funny, smart, ironic, full of charm... I can't see any potential in Hunt, really he doesn't suit to Christina. I can't stand to see him. Hunt just take Teddy and bye

anya said...

yes, Jackson's a real winner in the way he showed so much compassion to Cristina when she was upset about her father. Cristina doesn't want Jackson, she's made that perfectly clear. Jackson and Cristina are far from a perfect match, Jackson is the most boring of the Mercy Westers and is far too bland for Cristina Yang.

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