Monday, June 21, 2010

BUST: Oh, Sandra! - Part One

(Like you've never read that headline before... )

Dear peeps,

During the Grey's hiatus last year we posted one interview with Sandra Oh each week. We hope you enjoyed that, as we're doing it again this year. We've got some great and rare scans, interviews, articles and photos - most of it thanks to the wonderful, lovely and generous Amy. We will be posting them weekly during the entire summer in addition to the regular news, so here we go folks...

The first interview is from BUST - 'a magazine for women with something to get off their chests' - published in their June/July 2006 issue, and it's a really interesting one with a very opinionated Sandra. Because it's rather long, we have decided to split it up in two parts. The second part will be posted tomorrow.

In part one Sandra talks about roles for women on television and in films, being a feminist and - although being a proud Canadian - what made her consider becoming an American citizen...

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To be continued...

Click here to read part 2

Once again, huge thanks to Amy for the scans. You can follow her on Twitter here


Siobhan said...

Thanks. Interesting article. Sandra Oh is so down to earth and intelligent. Not to mention an incredible actress. She and Kevin McKidd drew me in to Grey's in Season 5 and I've been huge fans of both ever since. It's been great reading interviews such as these and watching her films from her earlier years of acting. I look forward to the next part of the interview.

Emma said...

Posting these older interviews is a great idea and gives me the chance of getting to know the woman behind the actress. I'm looking forward to the second part tomorrow. Thanks!

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