Monday, April 19, 2010

Marion Ross + Sandra Oh

First there was Diahann Carroll and Faye Dunaway and now Sandra Oh gets to share scenes with another actress that you might be familiar with. Here is a tidbit from TV Guide about Sandra's latest co-star, Marion Ross, who joins Grey's Anatomy for one episode:

"Marion plays an older patient who has an amazing epic love story with another older patient in the hospital," says Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes, praising the powerful performance the 81-year-old gives in the May 13 episode. "She did beautiful, beautiful work and was delightful."
"Our two gurneys pass each other – and there is a man I had a romance with fifty years ago," tells Marion, who shares scenes with Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang. "It was such a joy for me."

Betty White next, eh?

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cameron000 said...

Betty White and Sandra together would be too "hilariousness" to handle! ^^
This story sounds beautiful anyway...

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