Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even More Details About The Grey's Anatomy Finale

From this weeks issue of TV Guide Magazine:

The two-hour finale will find us "holding our breaths", says creator Shonda Rhimes. "When the two hours are over, you can exhale." In other words: no big cliff-hanger!

But Mandy Moore plays the special guest on a gurney. "She's a happily married character who has had one surgery and is waiting to have her next."

Leading up to the closer, Rhimes adds, "Bailey will get laid, Mark makes a play to get Lexie back, Meredith comes between Cristina and Owen and Derek throws a cocktail party". Work-wise, Meredith and Cristina will come into their owns as surgeons.

"Everything takes a left turn so that when we see them next season, nothing-including the hospital - will be the same."

"All the rules as to who they are and where they stand in their relationships are thrown out the window" says creator Shonda Rhomes of the finale.

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oh my god!!
mark and lexie back is perfect!!

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