Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Sandra Oh Leaving Grey's Anatomy?

That is what a lot of you are asking at the moment from what we can tell by how you find our site. No one knows, but USA Today's TV critic Robert Bianco speculates:

Montréal, Canada: Is Sandra Oh leaving "Grey's" at the end of this season? She's such a powerhouse actress but it seems as though she's being relegated to bit player lately. Are they phasing her out to make her exit easier? Thanks

Robert Bianco: First off, Montreal, all of the "Grey's" regulars are under contract until the end of next season, at least, so no one is leaving without permission. The show did just let Katherine Heigl our of her contract, but I'm not aware of any plans to do the same for Sandra Oh. And I must admit I'd be shocked and saddened if she did exit: I think it's been a great year for Oh, and that the show would not be the same without her. The show has a huge cast and actors are always going to have smaller or bigger roles from week to week depending on who is being featured - but I don't think Dr. Yang has been relegated to a bit player at all. Even last week's episode about Hunt is really, in a sense, about Yang - because we wouldn't care about him if it weren't for her. That's how crucial she is to the series.


Emma said...

"Even last week's episode about Hunt is really, in a sense, about Yang - because we wouldn't care about him if it weren't for her." This summarizes it, at least as far as I'm concerned, and I'm convinced Shonda Rhimes knows that this is the case for many fans. It's about time they round up the whole Teddy business, and find something less annoying to keep Cristina and Owen busy!

Owen_Cristinaforever said...

If Sandra Oh leaves Greys I am so done she is the reason I watch the show! and I totally agree with you Emma about everything you said! Why would people be thinking Sandra was leaving? she hasn't been a bit player at all this season I mean yeah every episode has a certain story line but she hasn't been put aside at all this season, alot of the episodes have been about Cristina and Owen! Now in season 4 she was put aside for other story lines and that was the worst season ever so I think if Sandra left Greys tons of people would not even watch the show anymore and I would be one of them there is no Greys Anatomy without Cristina Yang! Shes Merediths person Mer wouldn't survive without Cristina Yang remember when they didn't talk for like 2 episodes Mer and Cristina went all crazy and missed each other so much! Sandra is a huge part of the shows dynamic and it so would not be the same without her! Sandra is the best!!

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