Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tidbit From Kevin McKidd

And so the triangle drama between Cristina, Owen and Teddy continues. It is either good or bad depending on who you ask.

Kevin McKidd talked about the triangle and working with Sandra in a recent interview with Betty Confidential (via Kevin McKidd Online):

Things are really heating up on your day job at Grey’s Anatomy. How’s it feel for your character Dr. Hunt to be in the middle of a Cristina-Teddy love triangle?
It’s a complicated situation. Owen has declared his undying love for Cristina, and that he’s very sure about. But as we know on TV shows those feelings, promises and truths get tested sometimes. It’s difficult when a friend like Teddy [Kim Raver] wants to be more than just friends and she’s there with your lover and colleagues in an environment where you have to work very closely together. It’s going to lead to a pretty exciting, unexpected spot.

Do you think it’s Owen’s own fault for bringing Teddy to Seattle Grace?
Of course. I wouldn’t have brought someone I knew had feelings for me to come work with my new girlfriend. That’s just asking for trouble!

You’re lucky to be playing opposite such talented actresses.
I know. When I joined the show, I felt so blessed to get Sandra as my acting partner. Not only is she talented but she’s always happy and a very positive person to be around. Then Kim comes along and she is a consummate actress. She can really hold her own with Sandra. I’m in a really happy spot right now.
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