Friday, February 5, 2010

Stacy McKee On 'State of Love and Trust'

From the writers of Grey's on last night's episode:

Not that Mark Sloan or Owen are showing the same level of maturity in their relationships right now. I get that you guys are all testosteroney and don't really want to talk about your feelings -- but maybe you could talk a little sense into your two buddies?

And Owen - Now, I'm not going to say I don't appreciate an episode in which Owen slams Cristiana against walls and kisses her over and over (you may recall, I scripted their very first wall-slamming kiss outside Joe's Bar last season) - but I have to say... What the HELL was Owen thinking? Literally asking Cristina to choose him over surgery? When Teddy was paging Cristina with a big, amazing medical crisis?? Cristina is right when she calls Owen out on trying to control her all day with sex. Only, of course, he wasn't doing it consciously. He was just falling back on the thing he knows he can rely on between the two of them – their undeniable chemistry. That's his solution when what they really need to do is actually talk.

Thank goodness they finally do talk. And - boy - that scene blows me away. Every time I see it.



Cassandra said...

"Action speak louder than words". At least, that is what everyone always says. But, Christina and Owen realized that they need to start talk again. I believe that last scene was great. It reminded me of the season 6 premerie when they made a start in therapy. They made a start with when opened up about Burke. I believe that he "see her" for the first time. I think it made him understand her a little more of why she is so scared for him to love her. Now, I think he knows how to love her now.

fan4ever said...

It was such a great episode. Yes, their sex scenes are hot and we all love waching them, but the last scene when they finally talk was so brilliant!
Fantastic writting and terrific performances. Sandra toched my heart, she is so good!

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