Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Press Junket With The Cast Of Grey's

Press junkets are famously not fun for the actors, but journalists don't seem to be too fond of them either. Specially in the case of Grey's where the actors aren't left much to talk about since they can't reveal anything about the show.

Here is an article from The Dominion Post (NZ), originally published on February 2, 2010, describing a press junket with the actors from Grey's Anatomy with a reporter who wishes she should have stayed home. Ouch.

(Click to enlarge.)

And now you may understand why interviews with Sandra are rare. Famous or not, that question was rather rude, don't you think?


zainybrain said...

I agree! This interviewer is just plain rude. This whole article basically mocks the cast, and it's not their fault if they can't say anything about plot lines or such.

Silver Sand said...

very disrespectful... I don't have a problem with Sandra giving just few interviews...the ones she gave are so much better than the usual Hollywood nonsense...

fan_1 said...

wow the woman who wrote that article is a total jerk. The entire thing is absolutely disrespecteful, and the way she prejudges all the actors: Eric, Ellen, Sandra, Kevin, James... Does she think she is funny? Her supposed jokes are absurd, just as the things she tries to criticize about the actors.
It's a press junk to talk about the show, not their privates lives. Not only her questions are out of context, she think she has the right to get concluions out of them!
And of course they can not give spoilers. But there are plenty of other possible good questions to ask about the show!
Mabe she should use less energy criticizing everything the actors say and do, and look at herself and her pathetic journalism.

mariana_dehon said...

ok... now i understand...
If i was Sandra i wouldn't give interviews either. Just ion TV in late shows because i don't think they would be rude with her.
But i think that's a choice. She likes to be recognized for her job and not for her personal life, what makes sense to me...
I won't lie, i do like when we have some rares news from her life, like where she is now, if she was saw in the movies, this kind of things, but i can understand why she doesn't like.
She is a wonderful actress and i really admire the fact that she is always doing something for charity, so i wil not like her less or be less fan if she decides don't give interviews never again (but i will be a little sad =( ).

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