Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matt's TV Week in Review

TV Guide Magazines's critic Matt Roush has a few words:
The “shipper” issue I tend to hear about the most is the Cristina-Owen-Teddy triangle on Grey’s Anatomy, which took a new twist this week as Teddy tries to force the issue so she can reconnect to her former best friend (before she basically forced him to choose Cristina over her). She wants to unring the bell, which isn’t as easy as it sounds when you can’t shut up about it. Poor Kim Raver. So far this has been an impossible character to make credible or bearable. But at least she asks Cristina to assist on another surgery, so at least that nonsense is over for now.


chip said...

Glad the awful triangle nonsense might be ending. I agree poor KR. What an awful story line and unless the fans are comatose, how do you ever redeem her character (aside from puppy love and bikini wax speeches-WTH)??

lovecris said...

Yes we all hope the triangle will end. Yesterday. But no one really knows. That's why in all of KMK's interviews, he HOPES CO will end up together but he can't say for sure they will since he is not the writer.

One thing I'm sure. If they ever go OT route, I'm out. I don't care if CO is the end game. I'm not waiting for 4 seasons like Merder fans in order for them to get together. I refused to be jerked around by Shondaco anymore.

Don't forget, Krista and Shonda lurve Teddy. Does it make any sense they bring KR in without Teddy hooking up with Owen? Colour me surprise if they don't go this route.

Sadly Shonda & Krista are in denial over Teddy and the crappy triangle. They are acting like Teddy. Pushing us to love Teddy by repeating over and over their declarations. I'm sorry it's getting the opposite effect because I'm resenting her even more. Yah who wants to know about Teddy's bikini waxes? Seriously?? They want us to believe Owen & Teddy were sooooo close that they don't even communicate. She didn't know about PTSD and Beth, etc. How's that for BFF?

lovecris said...

The writers are also portraying Teddy as imbalance and loony. One day she is fine the next day she is not. She said forget it to Cris and then getting drunk and dishing out secrets. Pulling Cristina from her service after seeing PDA between Cris and Owen. Treating Avery badly although she was the one that requested him on her service.

Another week later, she is ok with wanting to be BFF with Owen? Seriously?

I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop looking at this character's history. How long before she reverts to her old self and keep pursuing Owen again?

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