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Joan Rater On 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked'

From the writers' blog on last night's episode:

The theme of this episode was exposure but when I watched it being shot I realized it was really about ambition. Derek wants to be Chief; Meredith wants to do a procedure that she knows she isn’t ready for; Cristina wants Teddy to stay. Years ago I was trying to be an actor and I remember one day in acting class we were talking about a character’s motivation and my acting teacher said there are really only two things that motivate people: sex and ambition. Every choice can be boiled down to one or the other. I remember being really struck by that and I’ve thought about it over the years, and in a way I believe it. I mean, of course we do things for other reasons -- we do things for our kids because we love them, and if you’re like me you do things out of guilt. And for donuts.


What else … oh yeah, Cristina. Cristina blurts out that she’d choose surgery over Owen. Which, let’s face it, is very Cristina. When we were first discussing this story we had a knock down drag out fight in the writers’ room – if you had to choose your love or your art, which would you choose? And some of us came down on the Cristina side, and some of us came down on the Izzie side – that in the end love is all that matters. Cristina felt in that moment, faced with Teddy leaving, that she couldn’t have both, she had to choose. And she chose surgery. Because it’s who she is. And without surgery, without becoming the absolute best surgeon she can be, Cristina feels that she would cease to be herself. It’s only in that moment in the surgery on the opera singer when Teddy chooses to risk his life in order to save his art that Cristina realizes that for all of her shock and judgment, Teddy gets her. And Cristina is unwilling to keep apologizing for who she is.

And when Cristina challenges her, Teddy goes and gets drunk. And spills her guts to Owen. I love that Teddy never liked Beth, Owen’s former fiancĂ©. Teddy telling Owen what Cristina said, that Cristina was willing to trade him for Teddy… I love Teddy in that scene, she loves Owen, she knows he wants a family someday and he’s with a person that will always choose her work over love. And she needs Owen to know… the Owen/Teddy/Cristina triangle is so interesting – Cristina loves Owen, but she also loves Teddy, Teddy loves Owen, Owen loves Teddy but is in love with Cristina… it’s cool to watch these characters struggle with all the conflicting feelings…



Luvcris said...

Why do the writers keep telling us that Owen loves Teddy? Seriously!!! Why can't we enjoy a happy CO scene without the writers ramming this down my throat every episode. Also there is nothing remotely interesting about this idiotic unbelievable triangle either. And Teddy ratting out Beth's and Cristina's secrets, wow that really takes the cake. How low can she go? Teddy telling Owen indirectly that Cris is not suited to him but she is because she is unlike Beth who just wants to have babies and neither is she like Cris who will choose her career over her man. Wow what a snake. No matter what she does in the future, there is no way to redeem her in my sight. Because all these little sleazy things she does, will remind me what kind of a woman she is. So no.

Owen has chosen Cris. Let's move on. While we are at it, throw Teddy under the bus already.

auna1 said...

What they mean is he loves as a friend.
But about the rest, seriusly, who are they trying to convince? In interviews, blogs... they are trying to sell Teddy as a nice wonderful woman, but what we watch in the series is totally different. She is trying to break Owen and Cristina, it's clear and simple. And she always makes Cristina feel like crap, as if she thinks she a better person than her.
The scene in the pub was pathetic, first of all they make her be drunk so the fans won't hate her for telling him, it's so obvious, and so not working. I don't think it's less despicable because she was drunk, actually it is even more, because she is not able to be sincere without the alcohol as an excuse.
I don't buy the "she did it because she is his friend" excuse. It's not her relationship, so she shouldn't meddle in it. It's only his business who he is dating and to find out about how she is.
she judes Cristina so easily, without really knowing her. Not even Cristina knows wants she wants yet and how she feels.
teddy thinks she is better than Cristina and Beth, but she is the kind of person who critices other behind their backs and tries to break a couple.

I didn't have anything against the actress, but she was obviously afraid people would hate the character so she lied about it, and now that's what is making people be against her. She should have just been honest and no-one would have hated her for playing a mean character, only very stupid people don't know how to differenciate between the actor and the character.
Some people don't understand Cristina and think she is not a good person, but they love Sandra, because of her work and because she has never tried to make people think she is playing a lovely person, so that proves it.

fan said...

I think we should forget about this character, and focus on what's really important and what really works and it's interesting: Cristina, and Cristina and Owen.
I think Cristina is growing a lot and all this will make her mature even more. I have to comment about the scene where Owen comes to her appartment, at the end she has like tears in her eyes but it's not yet crying. It's so beautiful, this kind of thing is why I love Sandra, she is amazing.
Kevin is wonderful too, I just watched the new webepisode. I hadn't watched these things before, but Shonda said he was in it so I watched this one, and I loved to see him playing and singing.
And Cristina and Owen are stronger than ever, that scene between them was beautiful and remembered me about last season. Hopefully from now on it will be more about them and less about a triangle that was never interesting and believabe. After all that other character was supposed to leave after the 13 or 14 episode, right? Even if now she is staying, it could mean she is messing with other people and these two are left alone to deal with their issues and knowing each other better. It could be a beautiful, amazing journey.
So, there isn't a promo for next episode because it doesn't air until 2 weeks? :S

Luvcris said...

KR has been signed on as a regular. I have issues with Teddy always in the shadow hovering over CO. The problem is that character has no interaction with others. Her only interaction is with Cris or Owen or CO. Which I detest to bits.

As I've said before this SL sucks big time because seriously a hospital as big as SGH doesn't have a cardiothoracic surgeon? Also Cris has to stay in SGH because she likes it so much? Doesn't make sense does it. I know it's a show but don't treat us like 12 yo. Please. I can only suspend my disbelief to a certain extent. I'm not a moron.

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