Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Explosive' Times Ahead On Grey’s

..Kevin McKidd hints. Fancast recently talked to him about what is coming up on Grey's Anatomy and it looks like the threesome drama is here to stay...

When last we tuned into ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (Thursday at 9/8c), Owen had affirmed (and then some!) his love for Cristina after prescribing for Teddy a cold shower. Is this triangle over before it even started? That great Scot, Kevin McKidd, shared with us a detailed diagnosis of what is in Hunt’s heart and the possibly problematic “connection” that can’t ever be taken away.

What’s Owen up to during the January 14th ‘Grey’s’/'Private Practice’ crossover episode?
He’s kind of flagging up, I think. He puts some of Teddy’s decision-making into question, because he’s not sure what’s motivating her right now. In the last episode… he made it very clear to her where the line in the sand was. He’s worried and concerned that she’s now operating in a way that could do more damage because… she has conflicting emotions. That adds lot of heat to things between him and Cristina.

Teddy isn’t going to undermine Cristina professionally, is she?
In a way it’s more complicated than that, more subconscious – which is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. Owen, meanwhile, is trying to be the guardian, keeping everyone in a safe place. Owen’s big thing is… the patients should always come first, and on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that isn’t always the case. [Chuckles] His main concern is that all this messy personal stuff is getting in the way of the patients’ care.

Owen and Cristina don’t seem to be finding lasting happiness as quickly as their fans would like.
[Laughs] Is that the feedback you get? That’s interesting. I’ve said this before: If you’re a fan of a relationship or a character, or if you’re part of the creation of that, your desire is for the character to be content and happy and sort of skipping through the fields. Alas, that just does not make for good drama. That gets old really, really fast. So I understand [the fans'] frustration, but in a way that’s what TV is all about – conflict and struggle. I feel bad for Cristina and Owen, that they haven’t had many moments of contentment and happiness, but again, we want that in our real lives. We don’t necessarily want that in our TV shows.

Were you as pleasantly surprised as I was that in that private, behind-closed-doors moment with Teddy, Owen didn’t pull her into some impetuous, soap opera-like embrace?
I was. There’s a rogue element to Owen that I love – and we’re going to see more of that as we go through this season, with him in the ER – and when it comes to certain things in his life, he’s not the perfect guy. He’s very hotheaded and passionate, and sometimes a head-on approach isn’t the best approach, especially in relationships. So yes, I was pleased he [pushed Teddy away]. In the read-through, everybody was going, “Oh, here we go,” and then, “Ohhhhh.” That’s when TV works, when a character turns a corner and does something you don’t expect. Owen’s a very moral guy, even though he gets things wrong and misconstrues stuff. On certain things he won’t cross a line.

But Cristina is not without her own flaws. One of their hiccups this season was due to her ambition, when she stole a surgery. Will that part of her create more problems?
That juxtaposition of life choices might come up again in a more complex and interesting way, yes. Two scenes that were very telling came in the season premiere, with Dr. Wyatt. After Cristina rattles off a list of all the things she knows about Owen, she says, “We talk all the time,” and Owen gives a withering look to his therapist. There’s definitely a communication issue, and that’s going to be addressed further through this whole Teddy thing.

There’s nothing Cristina could do that would push Owen into Teddy’s arms, is there?
At the moment I don’t think so. You never know, but I don’t think so. I really think his love for her is true. But I’ve done a lot of reading about people who have climbed Mt. Everest, and these guys who climb together know more about each other as a raw human being than their spouses do. They’ve seen each other at heir worst, their most stripped-down point. Similarly, Teddy and Owen have been through war together and know each other at a very raw level. That connection can’t be taken away.

We still hope to see some interesting storylines for Sandra Oh outside of this.


Luvcris said...

Whilst I appreciate KMK and this interview, tell us something that we don't know. I'm tired of hearing the deep connection that Teddy is supposed to have with Owen. I didn't see it and I don't care. How can KMK undermine what Cristina has gone through with Owen? He nearly choked her to death. Doesn't the PTSD that Cristina experienced with Owen count as knowing each other to their most stripped down point?

chip said...

Well said! I think there is plenty of drama and conflict that O/C could experience without a T/C/O triangle. Triangle = soap - not good drama.

Crisfan said...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! "They have seen eachother worst", so the worst part of Owen's life is not he nearly chocked the one he loved to death? Does that make scene to everybody here? Because clearly it doesn't for me.

The whole TPTB trying so hard to sell this meaningless, unlikable and pathetic character Teddy just makes everything worse, the more they do it, the more we hate her. Can't those ABCers understand?

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