Thursday, November 19, 2009

More From Kevin McKidd

More Yang+Hunt talk from this interview with Kevin McKidd from ET Online:

When Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) scrubbed into Seattle Grace Hospital on "Grey's Anatomy" last season, he quickly found himself attracted to Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), but acting on it was another matter. Having just returned from the war in Iraq, he was dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -- and he tried to strangle her.

Now in therapy, Owen and Cristina are moving on with their relationship, or are they? Owen just invited Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) into the mix. He thought he was giving Cristina a present by bringing a top-notch heart surgeon to Seattle Grace, but Teddy has romantic feelings for Owen, so is she really going to be a gift for himself? A love triangle can't be too far behind!

Kevin talks to ET about the two women in Owen's life, McNicknames and all the babies on the set.

ET: Do you think Owen really loves Cristina?

Kevin McKidd: Yes, why do you even ask?

ET: He is just back from the war, there could be a lot more involved in it. Last week, he rejected Teddy, but triangles are always nice, so do you think he may have second thoughts?

Kevin McKidd: I don't know if it is second thoughts. He and Teddy were very good friends for a long, long time. I have done a lot of research into war experiences, specifically medics working in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the bond that is created between colleagues working in such an intense environment is huge and very undeniable. I think he and Teddy have a friendship that is more intense than a friendship you would have with somebody you work with in an office. I think that makes him realize that her friendship really matters to him. They have been through hell and back together. She obviously has these feelings. It gets more complicated and more intense, as opposed to him having second thoughts. There is one thing that is not in question and that is that he has committed to Cristina and is in love with Cristina. Although, as we know in TV shows those feelings, promises and truths get tested sometimes.

ET: Right, because Jackson (Jesse Williams) did kiss Cristina.

Kevin McKidd: Owen doesn't know about that. She is not saying anything.

ET: So now he has brought these two important women in his life together. Does he have concerns about that?

Kevin McKidd: Whatever is going to happen, the writers will set it up very well. I think it will get more tense and complicated, but it is not necessarily a negative thing. It is a very interesting thing. And it is something you haven't seen before as it goes to a more traditional love-triangle situation.

ET: There have been several actors taking leaves from the show: Ellen Pompeo had her baby, Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl have movies -- is that good because it lets other people move to the forefront? You do have a lot of new cast members this season.

Kevin McKidd: There have been so many new people coming in. The writers have had to concentrate on establishing those characters, but it hasn't caused difficulty. I don't think it has hurt the show. It gives them potential new stories and new dynamics.

ET: Are they ever going to give you a McNickname?

Kevin McKidd: I don't know. I am not the person to do that. I've got one already, I guess.

ET: McArmy?

Kevin McKidd: I have heard that one. McBada$$ is another one.

ET: "Rome" went two seasons, "Journeyman" went one, how nice is it to be on a show that looks as if it will be around for years?

Kevin McKidd: Great. What I love is that they have given me a character who I think is a very interesting man. We will see a different side of him this year. I think in the second half we are going to see a lot more. He is an intense, dedicated, honorable man, who is conflicted and passionate. He is an interesting mix of those things. I am happy to keep exploring it.

ET: Can you talk about working with Sandra and Kim?

Kevin McKidd: When I joined the show, I felt so blessed to get Sandra as my acting partner. And I still feel exactly the same way, if not more so. Then Kim comes along and she is a consummate actress. She can really hold her own with Cristina Yang (Oh). She has the chops. I am getting the chance to work with two actresses who are really passionate about their work. I am in a really happy spot right now. Also, it is great that they really like each other, because it could have been tough. It creates an interesting dynamic for this triangle because that translates on the screen.

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