Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mega Buzz On Grey's

Latest spoilers from TV Guide:

How long before Teddy destroys Cristina and Owen's relationship on Grey's Anatomy? — Melissa
ADAM: Kevin McKidd tells us Thursday's episode will have a major development in that little love triangle. "Something happens between the three of them that's pretty explosive," McKidd says. "Up until now you've not really seen anyone draw any lines in the sand, but you start to see that this week." Translation: "Desert Storm Barbie" is not welcome in Yang's Dream House.


Anonymous said...

well that makes me nervous :s

Anonymous said...

she better not be welcome in cris' and owen's dream house. they've been through sooo much to have this lady come ruin it for them. maybe she'll have ptsd and owen will be there for her in that way instead of in the sheets way.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against Kim Raver but I already hate Teddy. She may be a kickass surgeon etc but it's not gonna make me care for her. I don't know Teddy and I don't want to know her. Cannot wait for her to leave GA and C/O alone.

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