Monday, November 2, 2009

Just A Reminder

A message from Grey's boss, fresh from Twitter:

@shondarhimes: Once again: little of what you read is true in terms of who breaks up. Please stop freaking about it. It makes me sad for you.

So relax, peeps. And listen to Sandra's dad.


Anonymous said...

i need to see owen and cristina be together and not bickering just like the first 3 episodes. i don't trust shonda. this jackson kiss is driving me crazy, can't wait for thursday!

Anonymous said...

pictures are up for thursdays ep. bad thing is you can't enlarge them.

Anonymous said...

I take what Shonda says with a grain of salt. I hope she realizes that there are viewers out there like myself who will stop watching GA if Cristina and Owen split up. The two of them together are the only reason we watch GA. Many of us are near the saturation point. We faithfully supported this couple through choking and PTSD in S5, not because of the SL but because we enjoy watching the work of two of the finest actors on TV today. Not to mention that they have outstanding chemistry together. We want Cristina and Owen together soon because it doesn't seem like they have been this season. Both of their SL's have been poorly written so far this season IMO.

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