Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot And Complicated

Kevin McKidd talked to Kristin from E! on the latest developments on Grey's Anatomy now that the "dreaded" Teddy has arrived:

Cristina hates her. With a passion. And so far, it seems that some of you fans do too.

Ever since Kim Raver (whom Cristina named "Desert Storm Barbie") was introduced on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, our inbox has overflowed with messages from fans wanting to know what's next for their favorite couple, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd), now that Kim's character, Dr. Teddy Altman, is in the mix.

Well, we just talked to Kevin himself, and he admits that he, too, was concerned at first about the triangle, but he warmed up to it, and tells you fans why you might want to keep an open mind.

It's all in our latest roundup of exclusive TV scoop...

Alex in Rhode Island: Please don't tell me Kim Raver is sticking around long on Grey's Anatomy!

She's not going anywhere for the time being, my friend, and according to Kevin, that is a very good thing! (We believe him because he's the straight-up sort of guy who admits he had his doubts at first and because he also has a sexy Scottish accent that makes you want to believe him.) "When we heard the pitch of this idea for the storyline this year," Kevin tells us, "I think Sandra and I were kind of initially like, 'This is bad.' I think we felt this is a good thing with these two and there could have been more storylines to tell. But you know, I met Kim and we started to work and what seemed to be coming clear very quickly is that we three actors have great respect for each other. And that adds a really interesting dynamic to the triangle as it is played out on the screen because all three of us actors have great respect for each other."

Mindy in Barcelona: What's going to happen with Owen, Cristina and Kim Raver on Grey's Anatomy?
We'll have more for you from Kevin before the next Grey's ep, but for now we can share with you what Kevin says: "It's not going to be some petty, juvenile, immature thing. It's going to be really interesting and very intense. It's going to get much hotter and complicated between the three of them because it is such an adult problem that they have...People are hopefully going to be very, very torn and very involved and kind of sucked into it. I think it's a very interesting story we're telling." Perhaps we should all keep an open mind? Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I hate the new teddy character. I like the relationship between christina and owen,I think is it a fairytale of love. Why has it to destroyed for a bimbo (I have nerver like kim raver, and now she acting the character who split O&C up, don't make it better)! I really hope the love of Owen and Christina makes it through. Because if they split up, I think a lot of the greys anatomy is going down with it. And I WANT TO DR BURKE TO COME BACK!

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