Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: 6.08 'Invest In Love' - Sneak Peek

“Invest in Love” – A generous donation is offered to Seattle Grace by the parents of Arizona’s 10-year-old patient. however, when his condition worsens, she finds herself in a conflict of interests. Meanwhile, Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen at the hospital, and adding insult to injury, Alex is left with all of Izzie’s hospital bills to contend with, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5 on ABC.


Anonymous said...

love Owen!! He is too funny and Cristina's little smirk to him and she passed by while ignoring him :P Priceless! lmao

Anonymous said...

Funny scene! Love how Owen and Callie are loving Arizona's speech, while the smartass residents roll their eyes. Owen is adorable, we all know how he figures it out, bring on Dr. Teddy!
More fun owen and cris moments for sure!

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