Thursday, October 15, 2009


Dear readers,

We need your help.

Sandra Oh recently did something as rare as an "awesome" 30 minute interview (we hear) with CBC Ottawa which aired this Monday, but unfortunately we missed it and it doesn't look like we'll be able to get a hold of the recording.

So if any of you managed to catch the interview, please let us know what Sandra talked about in the comments below.



Maya said...

Ack I'm IN Ottawa and didnt' know about this I can try to track it down for you, I have a couple insiders at CBC who might be able to help. My guess is she talked about the Dali Lama

Admin said...

Maya: Thank you so much for trying.

Unfortunately we didn't find about it until after it aired so we couldn't give you guys the heads up.

megan said...

Do you know what show this interview was part of? Because the CBC Ottawa website has archives with past recorded shows. :)

Yes, please Maya, try to get it for us! I would love to listen it, no matter what she talks about. Like the admin said it's very rare to have an interview, let alone a 30 minutes one!

Admin said...

Hey Megan. It was on a show called "Ottawa Morning". Let us know if you find anything. :)

Maya said...

Sent you guys the file for it in an email hope you got it :)

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