Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kristin Spoils

Latest spoilers from Kristin from E!.

Read at your own risk:

Please give us some positive Cristina and Owen info!!!!! I just love this couple and have been reading some POTENTIAL scary scoop! Please tell me the POTENTIAL Romance with Owen is just hype! Because if they go that route, they will destroy this "magical" love story they have gotten us to buy hook, line and sinker!!!

80/Jill: On Grey's, the bad news is that yes, Kim Raver will have more than a flirtation with Major Hottie Owen, from what I hear. BUT, I am told that Owen and Cristina are still a major romantic force this season, and my writer source tells me that the current plan is to have them come out the other side of any other-woman drama. They are the best thing going on that show are they not??


Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

They freakin better come out on the other side of this stupid story line!!!! Owen and Cristina I think are ment to be together no matter what happens!! Greys did some bad casting when they cast that Kim girl shes a terrible actress, they could have cast someone waaay better! But seriously if Owen and Cristina are done I am soo done with this show Cristina and Owen are the IT couple on Greys right now and theres no show without them together! What does more than a flirtation mean??!! would Owen really cheat on Cristina he loves her way too much to hurt her like that he already hurt her last season with the whole PTSD thing and the choking! sorry I am blabbing I just HATE this storyline!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thats good that they will come out on the other side :D

lila said...

je suis choquée il va la trompée apres tout ce qu elle a fait pour lui c est honteux i hate this too

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