Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun Times For Yang And Hunt

We can always count on Kevin McKidd for some Cristina Yang+Owen Hunt scoop. Here is what he revealed about the new season in a recent interview with Fancast:

Kevin McKidd is ready to have some fun.

The intense Scottish actor successfully transitioned into his role as series regular Dr. Owen Hunt last season on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (considering the track record of some actors on this show, you know that can be dicey).

“Last year was nerve-wracking,” McKidd tells me of being the new guy. “I found it really weird because I’ve always been with a show from the start. I feel more relaxed this year, much more at ease.”

It’s a demeanor we can also look forward to seeing in his character as well.

“We get to see the fun side of Owen this season,” McKidd says. “There’s a lot more to him than just his post-traumatic stress disorder…he had a black cloud over him last season, but it will eventually pass.”

That will take the edge off – something McKidd looks forward to – as we get back to the guy we first met in last year’s premiere.

“Owen and Cristina will have fun. Oh yeah, it’s gonna happen…they are capable of it,” McKidd laughs. “As he becomes lighter, more like his old self, he realizes she’s much darker – she pushed a lot of that aside to help him through his ordeal – but when he gets his sh*t together, he’s going to realize she’s got a lot sh*t she needs to deal with.”

“There will be comedy in that,” McKidd says. “Guys aren’t as good at that, so he’ll have to learn very fast.”

Because there is a perpetual black cloud over Seattle Grace Hospital, however, the power shift between the couple does leave Owen and Cristina’s relationship “vulnerable” McKidd says.

Vulnerable to say…a third party? “Perhaps” is all he’ll say.

But if anyone’s going to swoop in and spoil (or increase?) Owen’s “fun,” the prime suspect has just been revealed: Kim Raver joins the show in a recurring role as the new doc on the block, beginning with the Nov. 12th episode. She’s romanced Jack Bauer (’24′) and roamed the ‘Lipstick Jungle’–but she’s still going to have her work cut out for her when she tangles with Dr. Cristina Yang.

Fun times, indeed.

Bring on the fun, we say!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Bring on the fun!

Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

Kevin is so awsome and hes just sooo HOT to!!! Sandra is so lucky to get to make out with him! lol

Anonymous said...

Yay I am so happy to see some fun times! I can not wait :D Plus I can't wait to see him get her through her shit this year.

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