Monday, October 19, 2009

Grey's Holiday Episode

Something different this way comes..

Spoilers from TV Guide Magazine:

Grey’s Anatomy will bid adieu to 2009 later this season when the Seattle Grace staff celebrates Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s—all in one very special installment. That’s a lot of turkey! Not to mention an extra helping of high emotion. “We’re pretty excited,” show creator Shonda Rhimes tells me. “We’ll be watching time pass as we take the audience into the new year.”

Sounds like several balls will be dropping as the drama shifts away from medical cases and focuses instead on the characters’ personal hopes and heartbreaking disappointments. Over the holidays, “people feel like something magical or momentous should happen,” Rhimes explains. “But often nothing does.”

In the episode, we will meet Miranda Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) mother, whom Rhimes describes as “more Bailey than Bailey. You’ll finally see where Bailey gets her stuff.” And in between unwrapping gifts, Mark and Lexie’s holiday happiness will be rocked by the arrival of a character from his past whom Rhimes says will cause the couple “to fall on hard times.” Sorry, Little Grey.


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