Friday, October 2, 2009

Environmentally Friendly

A recent article in The Intelligencer on Sandra as a true friend of the nature:

Sandra Oh doesn't just talk the talk.

She really does walk the walk -- in a three year old hybrid car.

While there's a lot of yammering out of Hollywood about the environment, most stars of Oh's caliber would never be caught with their spray-tanned legs emerging from a vehicle that wasn't fresh off the lot.

Yet Oh, the star of TV's Grey's Anatomy, is seen all over town in her light blue Toyota, dings on bumpers and all.

Her alma mater, Sir Robert Borden High School in her hometown of Ottawa, should be proud she's keeping things up. As student council president there in the 1980s, she led the charge against the use of styrofoam cups.

"She's great," says Carly Lee, who works at the Whole Foods market in Los Angeles where Oh, 38, is known to shop.

"A lot of people say they're for the environment, but it's the small things that say a lot about people -- you'd be surprised how many celebrities wouldn't be caught dead even using recyclable bags.

"Sandra lives what she preaches, she would never not remember to bring her own bags and she's proud to drive around in a pretty old car."

Click here for Time magazine's list on what you can do to save the environment.


Anonymous said...

Reading this made me love her even more. She truly is a role model.

Anonymous said...

I admire her so much just like Lexie said she admired Cristina in last nights episode, I totally admire Sandra Oh! And I also think she is really pretty :D

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