Sunday, September 13, 2009

Splitting The Vote

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Sandra's co-star, Chandra Wilson:

Chandra Wilson has been nominated four consecutive years for her portrayal of Miranda Bailey, the no-nonsense chief resident on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” but is still looking for her first win. Conventional wisdom suggests that she splits the “Grey’s” vote with co-star Sandra Oh, another perennial nominee, but Ms. Wilson’s chances are doubled this year with a nod for “Accidental Friendship.”

Ms. Wilson was interviewed recently by phone from the “Grey’s” set, where the series is filming its sixth season.

Q: Are you afraid of splitting the vote with your “Grey’s” co-star Sandra Oh, who was also nominated again?

A:I’m a huge fan of Sandra’s work on this show. So the fact that we keep coming in together, I’m highly complimented by that. I also think it’s a big testament to the show remaining as current as it is, six years in.

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