Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sandra Oh Talks Season 6

ABC has released even more new interviews with the cast of Grey's Anatomy. This time they talk about the upcoming season.

Here is a transcript of Sandra's interview:
On the season premiere:
End of season five ends on the biggest cliffhanger which is basically - are George and Izzie going to survive? One; a massive accident and two; cancer. And really, the beginning of season 6 starts like 30 seconds after end of season 5. Or a minute. Let us say a minute. So we find ourselves still in those situations, from where we left of previous season.

The next few episodes are really about dealing with the aftermath, the grief over the death of George. And also the episodes span like 40 days. We really flip into time and you see various characters deal with grief and death in various ways.

On why people should tune in:
Well, here we are at season six. I feel like there's two new characters who've come on board - Owen Hunt and Arizona Robbins - and they're solidly in our hospital.

There are things that are going - due to very difficult economic times - that are written into the storyline of the hospital. But you see what's going on in the world reflected in the day to day workings of a hospital...and I think there are going to be a lot of changes based on that.

A soundbite of the interview is available on ABC, where you can also hear the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, and producer, Betsy Beers, talk about some of the changes on the show this season.

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luan said...

sandra !!!!
brasil loves you so much
you are the best actriss in grey's anatomy!!!! without you grey's anatomy will be nothing
I love you so much!!!!!
me and orkut's comuty grey's anatomy brasil!!!!
thanks for your extraordinary performance in the serie, I hope to you continue incridible forever
thanks a lot

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