Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Captionized: Better Than The Real Thing

It is Grey's Anatomy Captionized! Here is a sneak peek from episode 5.22 'What A Difference A Day Makes':

We have just discovered these and they are absolutely hilarious.

Grey's Anatomy Captionized is created for a Cristina/Owen community on Livejournal by the brilliant angelamermaid.

Here is an index with links to all the captionized episodes so far. And there is even a blooper reel! It is all ROFLAO-funny.

We love it!


daria said...

Thanks for telling us about these!

Angela said...

Hey there now! Thanks for the shout out on my work, glad you like it. :-)

ohcyfan said...

And we can say we knew you when...

Admin said...

Angela: This was incredibly funny and original, and we love it! So happy we found it.

Anonymous said...

Nice work (Yang) Angela!
I always enjoy reading these.

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