Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ellen Pompeo On Yang And Grey

Ellen Pompeo mentions Sandra in her season 5 interview. Here is the excerpt:

You mention there’s a good side to everything. What was good about the fight between your character and Sandra Oh’s character when they stopped talking to each other? 
ELLEN POMPEO: Well, I guess it gave us both something different to play as actors and it gave the audience something different to see. I think we’re doing our job to keep people engaged in the show every time we do something fresh and new – and show a side to the characters that the audience hasn’t seen before. It’s wonderful to keep the material fresh, new and interesting. 
Were those scenes fun to film? 
ELLEN POMPEO: For that reason, Sandra and I were both very excited about the storyline because we both want to do good work and we don’t want the show to be boring. In that way, I think that storyline served its purpose. Hopefully, they’ll be closer after the fight – but I really don’t know what’s going to happen because she has a different storyline at the moment. She’s going through something with Owen Hunt [played by Kevin McKidd], which is a fantastic storyline dealing with a soldier who has post-traumatic stress syndrome. I think that’s a very important issue to highlight in the show and I hope we do it responsibly and accurately. I hope some veterans seek solace from the storyline, so we’re being secretive about it for now. Cristina Yang is always going to be Cristina Yang. She’s always going to put up that wall, but you’ll have to watch for yourself to see what happens to her in season five.

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