Monday, September 7, 2009

Cristina And The Army Dude

The reviews for the premiere episode of Grey's Anatomy are dropping in now, and the latest one is from Clique Clack.

This is from their comments section re: Cristina and Owen:
  • Owen and Christina were trying hard to stick to his doctor’s orders of no … intimacy … until Owen was better still.
  • The short answer on why there’s not a lot of spoilers concerning them from most outlets is that they really don’t play a major role in the premiere. They do have scenes, and do have them together, but it really is kinda secondary to everything else that’s going on.
  • I can say that, as a guy, I did enjoy the scene they had together.
  • I have now seen the aforementioned promo, and I can say that the promo looks like its specifically for the premiere.

    I had forgotten about the scene in the ambulance bay, but I will say that the way that particular bit starts and ends is a perfect representation of Owen and Christina.

  • I like it how Christina manages her personal emotions with her work drive in the post-Burke era. (Sorry, hated her and Burke). (I hope I haven’t oversold that moment, because sometimes its just the most incredibly simple things that I like)

UPDATE: If you are not tired of the season premiere reviews yet, another one is up on Buddy TV: Whoa
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