Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Fills The Void

Here is a short blurb from the upcoming issue of US Weekly about the new season of Grey's Anatomy:
Where we left off - Derek and Meredith wrote marriage vows, Izzie's cancer nearly bested her and George flatlined.

Bye, George - Did you hear? George doesn't make it. "It's going to be sad and painful," executive producer Krista Vernoff tells Us.

Love fills the void: Cristina and Owen forge ahead ("The relationship is less fragile," McKidd says); Mark and Lexie are "freaking adorable," says Vernoff; and MerDer cohabit blissfully, though Pompeo's October due date will necessitate a unique plot. And Izzie? Her health is better; her union to Alex not so much. Marrying under duress, says Vernoff, creates "a complicated dynamic."

Small blurb on the pic says: All six couples likely won't make it to the end of the season intact, says Vernoff.

Source: Us Weekly via TWOP


Amanda said...

omg Owen and Cristina better not be one of those couples that won't make it!!!!!

Valérie said...

New promo !! :)

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