Monday, February 2, 2009

What Is New In Cristina/Owen World?

In other Grey's Anatomy news... In a special edition of Ask Ausiello all about Grey's Anatomy, Ausiello had this to say about the upcoming episode:

Question: Do you have any Grey's scoops?
Ausiello: Thursday's ep features one of the funniest, all-female group hugs ever. Also, there's a bawdy cafeteria scene that is so quintessentially Grey's that it reminded me how much I miss the good, ol' show. Oh, and did I mention the girl-on-girl action? 'Cause there is some!

Question: Anything new on Cristina and Owen?
Ausiello: Lots of cheesy, slow-mo, piano-scored interludes will give way to an emotional collapse that is either extremely moving or ridiculously over the top. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Question: Can you help a girl out and give us anything on Cristina and Hunt? -- Erin
Ausiello: This may or may not shed light on the above spoiler, but this week marks the arrival of Laura Allen (Dirt) as a woman from Owen's past.

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