Friday, February 20, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: Pete Nowalk on "An Honest Mistake"

From the writers of Grey's Anatomy:

Onward. How about that gnarly wound Dr. Campbell left her patient with? Dissssssssgusting. Cristina, being Cristina, felt this mistake was unacceptable. Owen, being Owen, thought it simply proved that surgeons are human. No need to judge there, missy. Owen’s take of course is informed by the fact that he has made a few mistakes himself. A secret ex-fiance who appeared in last week’s episode, for example. And now he’s finding himself involved in a relationship with someone who, for better or worse, holds people to very high standards. Still, what I love about these two is that their professional disagreement didn’t get in the way of their sexy sexiness. At the end of the day they can still sit down, have a drink, and say things like, “I want to be around 40 years from now.” Hot damn.

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