Tuesday, January 20, 2009

EW: Masterful And Riveting

Some praise for Sandra and co-star Kevin McKidd for this scene in last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy:

And best yet: Owen showed up to Cristina's for their date hours late and drunk. Okay, that's not really the good part. The good part starts with the fact that he brought her flowers and wore a suit. (And honestly, if a guy was so nervous that he had to get tanked to come pick me up, I might find that endearing. Of course, this might also explain a few of my dating problems.)

The good part continued with Cristina telling him he needed a shower. So, of course, he headed right for hers, fully clothed. And he stood there, under the water stream, and he told her about his best surgery, something about a guy he saved who then later killed himself. It sounds sort of ridiculous, but in the hands of these two, it was masterful, riveting.

And it's worth noting that Hunt is also a wonderfully nuanced depiction of a veteran. No annoying flag-waving and histrionic heroics, just a guy who somehow survived an unbelievable job, and was destroyed by it in some ways, but is still muddling through back in real life now, and still needs love. Anyway, then she stepped into the shower with him, also fully clothed.

And, wow, that was good.



Naomi said...

I love your site! Keep it up! :] Omg, I am so loving hunt/yang... I haven't gotten round to watching eps 11 and 12 though and this blog's keeping me in suspense!

Sha said...

Thanks Naomi. Glad you like site.

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