Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: Faye Dunaway Scrubbing In

What does Sandra Oh, Faye Dunaway and Kevin McKidd have in common? A brand new storyline on Grey's Anatomy. EW's Michael Ausiello reveals:

Someone's been hiding out at Seattle Grace all these years, and trust me when I say you are never going to believe who it is.

Mommie Dearest -- Faye Dunaway!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Oscar winner (for Network), who hasn't taken a small-screen gig since a 2006 episode of CSI, has signed on for at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy to air in February. She'll play a renowned doc at the hospital who crosses paths with the Chief, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd).

What do you think? Is this the coolest piece of stunt casting so far this year?


Anonymous said...

Oh lord, NO! The entire trouble with GA is they have too MANY story lines (most of them silly *cough-Denny!*) so none of them ever gets very interesting. This is a shame. Now they have such an interesting actor in Kevin McKidd, I had hoped they would give him enough screen time to actually DO something.

Valérie said...

Spoilers Grey's Anatomy!
Owen's ex-lover.

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