Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kevin McKidd On His Leading Lady

Kevin McKidd talks kindly about Sandra in a brand new interview with TV Guide. Do you feel like you hit the leading lady lottery with Sandra Oh? She's one of the good ones, you know.
McKidd: I can't talk kindly enough about her. From the first time I met her, I thought she was great. Everybody on the cast is fantastic, but I feel very blessed that I get to work with such a good actress. She's in her fifth year, and she's still very committed to the work. There's no real "recipe" — you can't say, "If we put this person with that person in this movie or TV series it will work" — but so far with Sandra and I, something is gelling. Might Owen and Cristina's spontaneous, intermittent kisses evolve into something more, physical or emotional?
McKidd: Well, at the end of the day this is Grey's Anatomy. [Laughs] I think you can bet good money on it. Do you see Owen forming any specific relationships with other characters? Things started off prickly with Derek and Mark, but they seem headed toward a place of professional respect.
McKidd: He and Cristina have a very long journey, and he realizes that whatever this thing between them is, it's affecting his work, his sleep, everything. So he reaches out for help, and that will connect him with people like Derek and Mark. It's not just the typical formula of guys butting heads. There is that story to tell, but also the more interesting story of professional men connecting at an adult level.

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