Monday, September 8, 2008

TV Guide: Coming Up

Where we left off: The doctors of SGH ended the season sucking face. Derek and Meredith sealed their reunion with a candlelit clinch. After Rebecca had a breakdown, Alex turned to Izzie for comfort, possibly rekindling their flame. "They're in a better place now," says creator Shonda Rhimes. "They will grow together." Callie planted a wet one on Erica and George gave Lexie a friendly smooch. Even the Chief kissed and made up with his spouse.

What's next: Derek finally ditches the trailer. "He is going to come and live in my house," Pompeo reveals. "And that becomes a problem. He tries to say I have to throw my roommates out. And I consider it." Lexie falls for an oblivious George. And after putting her through the emotional wringer last season, Rhimes says Bailey will find a better balance of work and marriage.

Fresh man: A dashing army doctor Owen Hun will rock Cristina's world.

Stone-cold fox: "Dead Denny," Izzie's fiance who died before they could tie the knot, makes an appearance in the first episode.

She kissed a girl: What's up with Erica and Callie? Says Rhimes, "We had some great meetings with GLADD to talk about her attraction to other women later in life. Callie is exploring what that means, but it doesn't necessarily mean she's gay. But it might."

Source: TV Guide
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